We Love Doodles
It's getting cute in here
Got a Doodle storm coming?
The Right Paw Puppy Collection has just what you need

Why Posh Doodle?

We love all dogs, but Doodles are our life. Many of you know us from Texas Labradoodles, for those of you that don't, Doodles are our business. They are the business of our hearts, our minds, our days and our nights and they have been for more than 15 years. We know what your Doodle needs because we've raised these precious dogs from birth to old age. We've tackeled every problem you can think of and through it all, we've learned, loved and developed a deep sense of gratitude for the miracles that our dogs bring us. Our goal is to make Doodles lives easier by giving their owners all the shortcuts we've learned through the years.

Doodles big and small, we love them all

When you love a Doodle, they love you right back and that's what makes these dogs so magical. We're excited to share our Doodle journey with you and your Doodle.