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Our Story

After spending my early career as a marketing executive in the corporate world, I decided to retire to stay home with our youngest son. This was the first time in awhile I would have time for a dog and because of my severe allergies, I started looking for hypo-allergenic, calm dogs and I found my way to Australian Labradoodles. We decided it would be fun to raise these dogs as a family and it’s been the best 15 years of our life.

As a true dog lover, I can’t believe we get paid to raise and love these dogs. They are a blessing to us in so many ways. We always put the dogs first and working with our vets, we make sure that the protocols we follow ensure healthy puppies and long lives. Breeding dogs is a huge responsibility and a great honor.

After years of recommendations, we decided to start Posh Doodle and put all of our favorite products in one place for all Doodle lovers.

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When you love a Doodle, they love you right back and that's what makes these dogs so magical. We're excited to share our Doodle journey with you and your Doodle.