About Us | Posh Doodle

We love all dogs. They are a gift of kindness, loyalty and support for humans and there's no relationship that is more pure or innocent in life than that of a dog's love. Due to severe dog allergies, we've been limited to hypo-allergenic dogs and that is how Doodles became the best dogs for our family. Because we live with Doodles and we have for more than 15 years, Doodles are a huge part of our day to day lives. Some of you may know us from Texas Labradoodles. By raising, bathing, grooming, training, and loving Doodles for so long, we've become experts on all things Doodle. From their silly goofball antics to those sometimes challenging coats, we are here to make caring for  your Doodle easier with some tips, tricks and products that both you and your Doodle will love. From our puppy collection that will get your puppy off on the right paw to our posh collection of collars, leashes, bandanas and clothes, we've got your Doodle covered with the very best of what we have found over the years. Our company and website comes from a place of love for all Doodles and that love is something we are excited to share with you and your Doodle.