Big Dog Little Dog

Camo Poo Bag Holder

Keep your Camo Doodle theme with one of the most important things your Doodle will need on walks and trips to the dog park, a fashionable poo bag holder.

* the must-have accessory to match your leash and harness * can be used to fit a standard roll of poop bags, or carry those necessities like keys, treats or anything else you need while out with your pup * includes 1 roll of custom bld ""Big & little sh#t"" poo bags (also available for purchase separately in a box of 4) * thick plastic wetsuit zip snap clip to easily attach to leash * made from lightweight neoprene material * custom bld rubber bag dispenser * size: 7cm x 5cm

Unpacking a Posh Doodle Box

See what's inside when this first Posh Doodle order arrives. Toys, treats, Doodle stationary, Doodle socks, a collar, a leash, a bandana, bowls, a Snuggle puppy. It's your Doodle's dream package!