Aroma Paws

Hot Spot Relief Spray

Sometimes Doodles get hotspots and it's often hard to know what to do for them. We have always believed that the most natural remedy is the best remedy. Aroma Paws has made a wonderful formula to help dogs that get hotspots with their Hotspot shampoo, spray, and balm. 

We love Aroma Paws products. They are simply the best when it comes to caring for our dogs coats, paws and smell. They are a conscientious company that cares about creating wonderful smelling products that are good for our Doodles and for the environment.

Aroma Paws Dog Shampoo – Cleansing Wash, Conditioning, Moisturizing – Toxin Free, Healthy Ingredients – Aromatic Grooming Puppy Shampoo – Tearless Cleaner

4.5 ounces

Made in United States of America

Unpacking a Posh Doodle Box

See what's inside when this first Posh Doodle order arrives. Toys, treats, Doodle stationary, Doodle socks, a collar, a leash, a bandana, bowls, a Snuggle puppy. It's your Doodle's dream package!