Dr. Patricia McConnell

The Puppy Primer Book

We have recommended Dr. Patricia McConnell's books for years because she's so amazing and smart when it comes to thinking like a dog. Her approaches to training and understanding dog's cognitive behavior is so helpful in understanding why our dogs do what they do. The Puppy Primer will help get your new Doodle off on the right paw!

Engaging, humorous, and user-friendly, The Puppy Primer describes a six-week program to get you and your puppy off on the right paw. Designed for puppies under five months of age (see Family Friendly Dog Trainingfor older dogs), you’ll learn how to create the foundation your pup needs to become a well-adjusted and well-behaved member of the family. Here’s what you can look forward to learning with your puppy:

  • How to make training fun for BOTH you and your puppy
  • How to teach basic cues including Sit, Down, Come, Heel, Stay
  • Simple steps for house and crate training
  • How to use positive reinforcement without spoiling your puppy
  • What to do when adolescence strikes!

Unpacking a Posh Doodle Box

See what's inside when this first Posh Doodle order arrives. Toys, treats, Doodle stationary, Doodle socks, a collar, a leash, a bandana, bowls, a Snuggle puppy. It's your Doodle's dream package!