Orange ZoomieRex IncrediBall

All dogs need to chew on things, especially when they're puppies. It isn't bad behavior, it's a natural need, so having good chew toys is an important part of loving your Doodle and being fair with your expectations. At Posh Doodle, we decided to offer these ZoomieRex toys because ZoomieRex is a great company and a great option for safe chew toys and positive redirection from your shoes!
Crafted in the USA, the infinity design allows you to easily throw this twist-tastic toy, while also providing an optimal tug-of-war experience. One of its super powers is its ability to float, so be sure to bring it along on your next adventure to the beach or lake! Get your zoomies on at https://youtu.be/HAjI4YDCutg  
* Made in the USA * Floatable * Non-toxic, BPA Free * FDA Compliant * RoHS Compliant * Dishwasher safe * Recyclable, eco-conscious material

Unpacking a Posh Doodle Box

See what's inside when this first Posh Doodle order arrives. Toys, treats, Doodle stationary, Doodle socks, a collar, a leash, a bandana, bowls, a Snuggle puppy. It's your Doodle's dream package!